Thursday, April 26, 2007

anti-queer Arab actions about to take place! PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT NOW! OUR ACTIONS NEEDED NOW!

Anyone involved with FACEBOOK please read this! The group "ArabLBTG" is on the verge of being SHUT DOWN because the Saudi, Egyptian, Kuwaiti and Emirati governments are insisting that FACEBOOK not allow any queer FACEBOOK groups which mention, or have anything to do with citizens of their countries.

Anyone who is a member of FACEBOOK and would like me to send the link to vote against, and tell FACEBOOK to back down, please write to me VERY SOON! Timing is everything, as this is literally on the verge of happening. Our swift, collective actions against this are needed! Contact me at NOW, BELOW are some of the discussions and info from the petition page:

Violating terms of conduct
Between You and Adminstrator Josh
Adminstrator Josh

10:15am April 24th
Report MessageDear Subscriber,

You have violated the terms of conduct you agreed upon when you signed up with Your violations fall in the following criteria:

1. Advertising\spam, you have posted in the group advertisements concerning a website. You do have the right to refer to websites but not advertise them.

2. Creating a global group that is not allowed in some regions. Your group "Arab LBTGAY(Lesbian,bisexual,transexual and gay)" has put facebook in trouble as we received an official complaint from the Saudi government, the Egyptian government and other Arab governments that do not want to be mentioned.

Your Group must be shut down or a new Group with a specified network other than the two mentioned may be created. We are very sorry as we support any group but the countries mentioned are threatening to block our server from their side, therefore please comply.

Thank you for understanding
The Facebook Team

4:15pm April 25th
hey i have a question. i understand it says it must be shut down but is it possible to make it a"closed group" or i have to make it a secret?

Adminstrator Josh

5:25pm April 25th
Report MessageWell, If you turn it into a closed group you must be more than sure that no Saudis or Egyptians join the group. This is very hard, but if you chose to do this we do not mind.

In case of chosing to close the group you will have to kick any Saudi, Egyptian, Kuwaiti or even Emirati that happens to join or we pick out for you. Is that fair enough?

The Facebook Team

The official Petition to prevent Arab LBTG from being shut down.

Dear Facebook users:

We represent the group "ArabLBTG". We are posting this as a plea for your support in an act of resistance against Facebook's request of shutting down the group because they have received several complaints from particular Arab governments. If we do not shut down the group, according to Facebook, we have to make it a closed group that excludes specific Arab citizens, such as Saudi and Egyptian. This is not conducive to a queer-positive Facebook environment, but an exclusivist, discriminatory, racist environment that threatens our right to free speech.

We would like to encourage everyone to contact Facebook and reject their oppressive, homophobic request towards a specific minority of the queer community.

Thank you for all your support
In hopes of victory,

ArabLBTG Admin


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